Winter 2018

Working with Optometrists to provide eye care to students in Zhejiang villages

Our logic with this project is: there is no point in supplying resources and textbooks for a student to learn if they cannot see what the teacher is writing on the whiteboard.

We are currently in the talks with Zhejiang province non-profit division of Ai'er Eye Hospital, the largest eye care hospital chain in China. We hope to offer eye tests for students in 15 rural communities in Northern Zhejiang and cover the cost of glasses for those we need them.

Spring 2019

Continue to install hydraulic water pumps in rural communities in Guizhou Province

We hope to continue working with Water Powered Technologies to install their hydraulic pumps in schools and villages in Guizhou and Zhejiang. They have also been very helpful by offering help for installation and offering the pumps to us at a great value. GO check out their zero-energy hydraulic pumps on their website, www.waterpoweredtechnologies.com!