here is a short list of my favorite projects from the ones we have done in the past two years!

June 2018

Installing Hydraulic Ram Pumps in over a dozen rural communities

After contacting a guide in the area, we were able to meet with many village chiefs to what their school and community needed most. Every village responded that an access of running water was the most urgent. The Hmong people's villages are all built on the steep mountainsides. There is water all year round in the valleys, but the most difficult process was moving the water from the valleys to the villages.

Diesel pumps are expensive and polluting, so we partnered with a small company in Cornwall, Water Powered Technologies, that focuses on making sustainable technology for water consumption. Their PAPA PUMP is a hydraulic ram pump with high efficiency and runs 24 hours non-stop without the need for fuel. The papa pump uses gravity to pump water. We felt as though this was the perfect solution for the villages, therefore we installed many in multiple villages.

December 2017

Installing a solar water heater in a school for special-needs children

This winter, many schools were in need of help because they did not have access to hot, running water. The special needs school outside Ninghai, China, did not have hot water, and because it is a boarding school, we believed it was very important that these children had hot water in order to shower and keep warm.

I spent a couple of weeks partnering with the solar company in Ninghai,  Risen Energy Co., to acquire solar water heaters at a reasonable price and installing them on the roof of the school's main building.

August 2017

Teaching for two months at a kindergarten, while fixing their cafeteria

Because the summer holiday is particularly short in local Chinese schools, I was able to teach in a kindergarten for nearly two months. I taught them arts and crafts, and some English. We learned the name of fruits and animals and we built our own little vehicles out of cardboard!

The school's cafeteria was also very run down, so we helped with remodeling costs. The food in the cafeteria did not have great nutritional value but was very expensive, so many of the students would not eat lunch. I contacted many local farms in the area and we discussed having healthier and fresher produce for the students.

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