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Our Approach

Our Approach

We want to make a difference. It may not be a very big one that creates an impact on the global scale, but each time we repair a building, install a water pump, help a child get supplies, or teach at a rural school, we know we are making an impact.

Our main goal is to make a tangible impact on these different communities. Therefore, with the money we have fundraised, we do not just give it to the school to and let them do whatever they want with it. We listen to all the different perspectives about the needs for a certain school or community. We then try our best to find a sustainable solution to the problem by partnering up with local businesses and then implementing it.

Some projects have taken nearly half a year to complete, while others have only required a couple of weeks. We always try to find the best solution.

Our Story

Our History

This foundation started as just a small fundraiser where I was trying to raise enough money to install a solar water heater and a water pump in a primary school in Ninghai, China back in 2011.

Since then, we have blossomed into a full-time non-profit organization run by me, Madeleine Denis! We have helped thousands of students afford an education, by supplying books, clothing, and covering tuition costs. We have also helped over a hundred different school meet their needs, either by supplying resources, repairing their building, or installing new infrastructure (mostly water pumps, stoves, and water heaters).

Over the years, I have held fundraisers all over the Zhejiang and Shanghai area, With the help of many individual families and large businesses in the area, we have been able to raise over 1.5 million RMB in the past seven years. Hopefully, we will be able to keep this trend up!

Meet the Founder

Hi. I am Madeleine Sun Denis.

I was born in Shanghai, China, to a French father and a Chinese-American mother. I attended multiple international schools in the city before I moved to the Cate School, in Carpinteria, California, to attend high school.

My Story

I am super fortunate to have been able to grow up in a very well-off family with access to great schools and other resources. My parents have always believed traveling and experiencing different countries and cultures are the best ways to learn, so ever since I was born, my parents have been taking my brother and me all around the world.

Currently, I have traveled to over 85 different countries and I have been able to experience so many different cultures around the world, from drinking kava with a Fijian Chieftan, to dancing with a Maasai tribe in Kenya. ( If you would like to read more about my travels, I am currently launching a travel blog for me to write about all my different trips, called

Through traveling, I have been able to experience some of the best things our planet has to offer, but my eyes have also been opened up to the poverty and hardship in our world. And that is why this fund started. In a sense, it was my attempt at giving other people around the world the possibilities that I was handed at birth, all the opportunities I had taken for granted.


Madeleine Denis

Founder & CEO

Next Steps...

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